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Cowboy Wedding Theme - Unusual Marriage Party

If you have taken decision to opt for cowboy wedding theme in your wedding, it is a best idea to get an unusual marriage party that will be in the memory of the participants for their whole life. Cowboy is a western theme that requires some special arrangement but it is not difficult to apply. Design invitations that have the western concept like a cowboy boot or hat or may be the horseshoe.  You can paste the pictures of cowboy hat on the invitation card or you get print the same image from the publishing house even you can buy ready-made invitation card having the cowboy theme. The bridal dress is one of the important parts of the preparation of a wedding.

cowboy wedding theme

A bolero jacket with long sleeves is ideal for the cowboy theme for a marriage occasion. Long size frocks with more use of lace will look great. Matching cowgirl hat can be used as the dress decoration. You can also use a shiny belt buckle for the same purpose. The other items useful in the cowboy theme are cowgirl hats, boots etc. Bride will wear white boots with the long dress having long sleeves and will look like a beautiful princess. Groom may use the jeans, cowboy hat and a blazer for the western wedding theme.  Focus on the venue to create the impact of the marriage idea and you can select park, farmhouse, pavilion, barn etc. You can also choose any historical place of a western city for cowboy theme.

cowboy wedding theme 1

Make venue unique and outstanding by the use of lighting. Place old design lanterns in trees present in the reception area and enlighten it. This will make the entrance catchier and appealing for guests, they will definitely admire the sense of your creativity. Another option is the use of torches in place of lanterns. For the decoration of the venue use rope, saddles, wagon wheels and horseshoes on the table as well as on the wall. You can use a hat holder too at the reception and place some cowboy hats on it. Tumbleweeds are also the best decoration item for this theme.

cowboy wedding theme 2

Prepare centerpieces by the help of real or artificial boots with stacks of hay, sunflower bouquet or some flowers in the cowboy boots will be a best addition for the decoration. The food for the cowboy wedding theme has large variety but mesquite foods are most suitable and add high quality imported wine in the menu. Wedding cake of white color will increase the beauty of the party.

cowboy wedding theme 3

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