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Cowboy Ideas For Your Western Wedding Theme

A country flair with horses, cowboys, and boots are splendid wedding themes for a country loving couple. Thinking about having a western wedding theme would be more fun an exciting. Dreaming of a cowboy affair just like that of a movie is also possible to be put on a wedding. Now by putting all your cowboy ideas into realization, allow yourself to see some other western wedding ideas so that you may be able to put all of the together and come up with a great event.

Things required for a western wedding theme:
  • Choose a venue where you have plain grasslands and the use a tent for your shade so that your guests will have shade.
  • You may design your own backdrops if your budget is only limited.
  • Ask a wedding planner who have vast ideas for this type of wedding because her ideas might be of a great help.
  • Since your theme is all about western thing, all the designs must be in accordance to the theme.
Theme Colors:
  • Ponder that the western colors comes in tans, rusts and browns
  • A brown paper having a shape of a hat of a cowboy is necessary have.
  • Prints are in a black colored pen
  • Prints must have a mini rope tied on the base
  • A collection of cowboy hats tacked in the walls will do
  • A poster of wanted having a picture of both couples
  • A wooden fence
  • An old wagon
  • Hay
  • Tin cans, spurs, saddle, rope, bandanas and sheriff's badges
  • The bride should wear dresses made of heavy fabrics with plenty of laces and the gown comes in a long sleeves.
  • The groom simply wears a blue jeans, a brown jacket, and a typical vest.
Reception Centerpieces:
  • Cowboy hats
  • Cowboy boots
  • Figurines of horses
  • Sheriff’s badges for give away

Having all the ideas about a cowboy wedding theme, you may now start buying all of the things that are needed to decorate the receptions and the invitations. If you are to do all the decoration and have a crafty hand, it will surely be a good idea because it will be your fulfillment seeing all that you have work hard for were all done.


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