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Couple wedding shower themes For Creating Unique Atmosphere

Couple wedding shower themes are becoming popular these days as they are a great fun activity as well as an honest way to introduce the bride and groom. The main purpose of the couple wedding shower  is to have family as well as friends reunited at one common place and have fun and exchange of gifts for the Lovely Bride and Groom .A couple wedding shower  is like a cocktail or dinner party or a get together planned in which female and male relatives or close friends are invited. These days various couple wedding shower themes are in place & few of them are described as below:-

  • Tasting shower :- A tasting Shower theme is ideal for the couple who wants to have their taste buds pampered as this theme involves tasting  food like different variety of cheese , chocolates or wine tasting
  • Active Shower: - An active shower involves change of location which means instead of going to usual café or beach the couple and friends prefer going for adventure trip, yoga session or campground.
  • Music Shower: - Having a music- themed shower is a great excuse to listen and enjoy the music. Guests can bring music CDs and love songs which can be used at the time of the reception and after the music even the shower can easily be transformed into party.
  • Arts & Crafts Shower: - Arts & Crafts wedding shower is ideal for those couples who are art lovers. In this type of couple wedding shower the guests can come up with various ideas such as scrap books, painting gear. After this all can design a project with the idea suggested by the Bride and the Groom and all can have great fun activity with good food and fun and frolic.
  • Sports Shower :- A Sports type wedding shower involves playing games like basketball , Tennis or Frisbee for the girls and gifts include various sporting gear like balls , tennis rackets , skates as well . It feels very nice when various sports are played among the Bride’s relatives and Groom’s Relatives to break the Ice among them.
Other couple wedding shower themes can include Multicultural shower if the bride and groom are of unique ethnic backgrounds or garden Get Together which can be held at the individual’s garden. All the Couple Wedding Shower themes have one thing in common and that is entertainment and pure fun. Guests for Couple Wedding Shower are chosen from among the Bride’s and Groom’s Close friends, family and well wishers. The number of Guest usually varies from place to place and Couple’s Feasibility.

As the Guests arrive at the couple wedding shower themes function introducing everybody becomes an important part so that everybody knows each other.

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