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Cool Baby Blue Wedding Theme Ideas For You

Color theme weddings are in vogue nowadays, just select your best color for your wedding and you will have a unique wedding function which everyone will remember. Color theme weddings give you the pleasure to choose your favorite and give it your signature style wedding to yourself. Colors affect our mood to very large extend and having your favorite color around you will certainly light up your day.

Baby blue wedding theme is for the people who have admiration for this cool color, baby blue is the color of sky and ocean. Having this color as color theme of your wedding will give you soothing feeling and give it a feel of having a wedding function under the sky. This color is unique for many natural things so it will match even with the natural surroundings as well.

Though finding flowers of blue color is not very common but you can always combine this color other beautiful and versatile color like white and silver. Decoration of the venue should be done with lots of baby blue and white and silver combination. Footwear also look nice win this color. Maids of honor can wear blue short dress with matching footwear. Baby blue can be matched with another darker shade of blue, similar to what we follow for tiffany or navy blue wedding theme. This gives your theme a beautiful combination and makes it look richer. Lots of tinted glass and arrays of lights can be used for decoration too.

It is best to have your baby blue wedding theme similar to the beach wedding theme or pool wedding as it is the color of sea or if you are having your wedding at a beach resort by the side of pool it will also match with the color of swimming pool chlorine water color too. Most of the weddings are organized in a clear morning and having an open place wedding also match with this color because you will have a natural canopy of sky blue on your head and baby blue surroundings all around. This for sure will certainly lift your and your guests’ spirits up at the day of your wedding.

If you can arrange a blue diamond ring for your bride that is just add another feather on your cap. If you can’t do that don’t get disheartened you can always get a regular diamond with white gold ring that will go well with this baby blue wedding theme as well. The bride can have matching silver or blue footwear with matching hair accessories too.

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