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Cool and Icy Wedding Theme Ideas for Summer

Weddings are done mostly in summers because winters are lazy and kill most of the people so most of the people prefer summer weddings instead of winter weddings and there is nothing bad if you are also going for a traditional summer wedding but people do this mistake of sticking to old summer wedding ideas. The challenge remains in breaking the trend and coming up with great new experiments for summer wedding and for that my wedding theme ideas for summer are going to help you because I am going to highlight those very tricks only which are going to be helpful for you.

summer wedding theme ideas

Beach wedding themes, butterfly wedding themes, garden wedding themes and country wedding themes are most celebrated summer wedding themes but I don’t know why people skip on mountain wedding theme every time so if you want to stay unique and different opt for a mountain wedding theme. There are few wedding theme ideas for summer which you can try in all weddings like instead of placing centerpieces only leaving your guests into the heat of summers cut fresh and cool fruits and present them to your guests whereas make sure that you keep chilled drinks throughout your wedding so that guests don’t get irritated with the heat.

summer wedding theme ideas 1

Use dynamic colors like red, orange and green and keep your wedding reception unified by using singular color or two colors for centerpieces like if you are using orange color then use orange color only at all the places don’t get your reception place messy keep it organized. Another important thing to consider in wedding themes for summer is space either it is an indoor wedding or it is an outdoor wedding in both the cases keep enough space for your guests to move around.

summer wedding theme ideas 2

Don’t get the wedding area congested or without ventilation instead it would be better to check the ACs of your hall beforehand that they are serviced while open them an hour before your wedding starts to cool down the hall so that people get good sensation when they enter your reception. Wine smoothies are a must whereas using natural centerpieces is a great idea keep track of calm and great music because music is entertaining and it keeps everyone alive so don’t go too boring and maintain the fun part. White is the color of the bridal dress but you can switch to pink, peach, golden or any other color according to your main wedding theme.

summer wedding theme ideas 3

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