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Cool and Charming Peacock Wedding Theme

There are many types of wedding themes which are applied in marriages because it depends upon the choice. Peacock wedding themes are  the cool themes that look different and your party becomes memorable for everyone. When you select the peacock theme for your wedding, first of all imagine the feathers of peacock and the color present on it. The peacock’s feather are more colorful and you can use all colors in the marriage arrangement but with care otherwise you will not get the required result. Green, blue, violet, purple and lots of other colors we see on the feathers of a peacock and can be applied in a wedding decoration too.

peacock wedding theme

Add bronze or gold with the colors of peacock in a peacock wedding theme to obtain an outstanding look for the party. It is an art to use bunch of vivid colors in a wedding as a result the event becomes so beautiful that everyone admires it due to its loveliness.  If you only combine all colors which you have seen on the peacock feather, it will not create a good impact, you and your guest will not enjoy the party. Use the suitable quantity of every color to set a cool wedding party. Peacock themed guest book, pen sets and the photo album are available easily and you can also search online and add in the marriage occasion.

peacock wedding theme 1

You can also prepare different items for decoration purposes for peacock wedding theme if you have time. It will make your party unique and extravagant for you as well as others. Table cover made up of real peacock feathers is a great idea for putting the wedding cake on it. Bright peacock colors candles are a best addition in the setting of the peacock theme or the bird shape candle can enhance the theme idea when you use in a marriage event.  What did you think about the design of invitation? Peacock theme is the ideal for this, you can get print the image of the bird or you can paste the picture of peacock on it.

peacock wedding theme 2

In a peacock wedding theme, the same concept is applied for the bridal dress; the gown which a bride puts on her traditional dress can have the real feathers of peacock. The background colors may be select to see the feathers of peacock but in little amount with combination to achieve the impressive appearance of the marriage party. Take flowers of vibrant colors as same as the peacock’s feather and arrange in a beautiful manner and use bachelor buttons, violas and give to the bride. Enjoy the peacock wedding theme in your wedding.

peacock wedding theme 3

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