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Combination of Stuffs for Green Wedding Themes

Green weddings are the latest concept these days because green shows the responsibility you keep towards the environment. What could be greater than selecting a green wedding and doing something great to you side by side doing something greater for the world? Green wedding itself makes the wedding greater but there is always something extra you want to do with your wedding, planning is the most stressing yet most enjoyable part of a wedding so there is no way you can skip it. There are various kinds of things you can do with your wedding keeping it green, trust me arranging a green thing is better than coping for any other color or theme.

green wedding themes

There are many ways to arrange your wedding in accordance with green wedding themes, you can go for outdoor wedding at a beech if you want to go green at your wedding, use of different flowers remains at the top in a green wedding, if you are a green bride you can always decorate yourself with flowers, in your dress, you can make a crown out of flowers and wear it, for a green wedding your bridal dress could be of any color but going for the traditional white color remains the best.

green wedding themes 1

In green wedding themes, you can also go for a garden wedding, which is again going to be outdoor but the garden wedding will grad all the natural essence of green into your wedding, as I already said that white is going to be your color at your wedding, be sure to put in flowers in your dress as a print or as any design. Don’t leave out flowers and use natural flowers instead of artificial flowers; the naturalness is going to give a different fresh look to your wedding.

green wedding themes 2

There are various kinds of Eco-friendly products available especially for wedding, like flavors, table cloths, invitation letters, flowers and other decorative purposes, use Eco-friendly products instead of artificial products in your green wedding, use of these products is going to give an amazing message to the guests out there in your wedding. Use nontoxic and nonalcoholic drinks at your wedding, provide healthy and delicious food, there are various options for cake available, either simply go for a green colored cake or you can even get your cake decorated with flowers, either select a 3D decoration or you can also go for a simple self printed flowers in your cake, select anything which comes within your budget and looks great in accordance with your theme, go green at your wedding!

green wedding themes 3

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