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Colorful fresh wedding cake

What is your wedding theme color? The wedding cake must match the wedding theme. Close your eyes and try to image which cake color you like best. The cake you dream of is pure white or colorful note? The passional red, the rich yellow, the active green, the fresh blue or chocolate cream dream?


Red passional cake

Square wedding cake is the new trend recently. The red lace on the white cream is not only passional but also dignity. The strong color and its big size are proper to the active wedding with many guests.


Pure white hollow out cake

If you feel your wedding can't find a proper wedding cake match your wedding style, white is the most classical and most insurance choice. Cabinet and delicate round cake, the hollow out skills make it interesting, like a ring of the bottom of the arrangement of lemon piece, and as a grandmother delicate hand fabric.


Lively orange cake

Orange is lively and lively bright color, in warm color department it is the warmest color, a rich and happy color, and lively coinciding with wedding warm and happy. Orange can increase appetite. Individual character is dye-in-the-wood, bright style, often used for summer wedding, lawn, beach and outdoor wedding


Pure and fresh and green cake

Small flowers and bright rose fault between ornaments in the grass green cake body, not fine and careful but pure and fresh quietly elegant. Each layer on the bottom with a ring of white icing sugar makes pearls, increase the cake magnificent feeling, and enhance the overall style.


Ocean blue cake

Blue theme wedding always new people's love, especially in the summer is hot. Collocation blue attune of pure and fresh and attractive cake tower, very funny, the way the wedding cake sometimes not have rose is very good-looking, this one cake have attracted to you?


Modern chocolate

Chocolate is the symbol of love, sweet representative, with white concise flowers adorn the wedding cake, keep chocolate cake original modeling feeling, foil the wedding sweet atmosphere.

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  1. treisha jane lagareno 2014/12/13 17:20:52

    wow is so nice cake i love you??? Reply

  1. treisha jane lagareno 2014/12/13 17:20:51

    wow is so nice cake i love you??? Reply

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