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Colorful Candyland Wedding Theme

The first impression everyone gets while looking at the candyland word is childishness whereas the candyland wedding theme has got a complete different meaning and dimensions while this wedding is close to a fairytale wedding theme. The candy land could sound as majestic and enchanting as a wonderland or a fairy land wedding theme to all those people who truly are crazy about candies and respect all the sweetness offered to them in their lives. In this big bad evil world conceiving sweetness in the most difficult challenge however there are very few strong and lucky people who succeed in remaining sweet through their lives and only those people can select a candy land wedding theme for their grand wedding day.

candyland wedding theme

Before giving you any idea about your candy land princess wedding theme I would strictly suggest you to omit candy bouquets please don’t us them because it is a drastically bad idea whereas it would be greater if you go for colorful bouquet having all fresh colored flowers all together inside it. The candyland wedding theme bride can confidently skip white colored wedding dress so you can do the same if you want to try on a new color but again I would suggest you to stick to white colored dress.

candyland wedding theme 1

Your candyland wedding dress will be white colored dress with a slight V neckline and spaghetti straps whereas it will have a silver colored waste belt fully embroidered and designed and the rest of the dress will drape like a frock in a full length like a maxi. I got few amazing ideas for a wedding theme and one idea for adding fun in your wedding is that you can distribute the wedding favors in a very playful manner.

candyland wedding theme 2

Place large jars of candies on each table as a centerpiece and add it with only one kind of candies and keep a card on each table along with a pouch and inform your guests about filling there pouch and ask them to move around if they want to fill variety of candies in their pouches. Your menu will have jelly beans, bounties, chocolate bars, wafers etc. whereas you are already aware that your wedding colors are pink, blue, red, green, brown and so on because it is a candy wedding and you can add in any color you want. Flower girls can wear any color they want but make sure all girls wear different colors so that your wedding goes more colorful and cute.

candyland wedding theme 3

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