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Colorful and Warm Winter Themed Wedding

Winter is a beautiful season to arrange marriages and gives extravagant look if you manage it with warm feeling. Winter themed wedding  has many ideas but you can also create your own theme too because creativity is present in everyone’s mind only you have to use it. If you think that air-condition and sleeveless outfits are compulsory for a wedding it is totally wrong. A graceful setting of a marriage always gives impressive appearance regardless of the design of dresses. If the outfit is designed with full sleeves but in a most attractive way definitely it will look better than a sleeveless dress that is not looking good.

winter themed wedding

First of all think that the whole bells and whistles create charm in an event it is not limited to few tips. Colors play very important role in the formation of nice look. In winter season vibrant colors are ideal because they form warm environment that provides comfort to guests. Use of lights in a winter marriage reduces the affect of coldness add it in your theme. Put a large plant at the reception and decorate with small light bulbs of various colors. Inside the venue use of candles or little lantern is best to decrease the feeling of cold weather. Select two colors for the decoration of the party ruby and purple.

winter themed wedding 1

Use purple color for the setting of entrance and the guests will feel change of atmosphere when they will enter into your party. Purple rug may be the beginning of the venue. Garnish the reception table with lots of flowers and for this you can get the services of florist who have better idea to arrange flowers at a place. Do not use plants inside the venue because it will increase the sensation of winter weather. Instead of plants take centerpieces and place candles in it for every table and the candle light will change the appearance of your wedding and you will feel that it is a dream.

winter themed wedding 2

What about chimney in winter season? If you arrange it in your wedding venue all of the participants will not be affected by the cold weather. If the place is large arrange two to three chimneys are enough and for the small setting only one fire chimney will work effectively. Do coffee arrangement on each table and the guest will enjoy the party with hot drink and will not feel cool. No doubt winter themed wedding  with little change ideas make your event memorable.

winter themed wedding 3

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