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Colorful and Flamboyant Carnival Themed Weddings

Carnivals are events where people gather to celebrate out of no reason well it would be rude to say out of no reason so in other words I would say carnivals are reasons for celebrations. There could be nothing more festive than a carnival where people gather with their families and friends and are eager about the fun they are going to have in short I can say that carnivals spread excitement amongst people where carnival themed weddings are one of the most celebrating and enjoyable weddings as compared to all other weddings.

carnival themed weddings

Your carnival wedding theme should be the most playful and colorful from all other carnival themed weddings and for that I have got few amazingly great ideas to share. At first you are going to be a carnival bride and looking the most beautiful in the crowd is really important whereas the challenge for you is to appear colorful in your white dress or otherwise you can go for other vibrant and bright colors as well. You can wear a classic white dress if you don’t want to go wild in the carnival fun and if wildness is your taste then select a funky frilly wedding gown which portrays fun with its cut accompanied by a birdcage veil or a small hat over your head.

carnival themed weddings 1

The flower girls can wear all the retro shouting and sharp colored dresses because the carnival wedding theme can also follow the other wedding style and that style is retro wedding. Flower girls have the responsibility to make your wedding as fun as possible by introducing many games in it instead I can give you few ideas to place candy floss stalls, popcorn stalls and other stalls in your wedding which could be gaming stalls like carnival photo booth and a carnival ring toss game.

carnival themed weddings 2

Decorations can follow different styles like you can place wild grass accompanied by colorful and cute flowers in colorful cups rather than big classic vases whereas the centerpieces can have colorful candies placed inside a transparent mason jar. The popcorn muffins can however do great in the carnival wedding whereas the lighted and illuminated love mark at the entrance of your wedding can do great or you can also place it on ground level to have it in the background for pictures and vow taking ceremony. It is a carnival wedding so going bold, shameless, vibrant and loud is not bad instead it would be great to put in life in your wedding.

carnival themed weddings 3

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