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Color up Yourself from Top to Bottom This Year with Crazy Fashion Trends

Sober and sophisticated is much the talk of yesterday. Today women are more into adding colors and funky styles in their dressings and accessories. That is why now days you will find crazy fashion trends that are meant to break all the old stereotypes of the fashion rules. When it comes to fashion, there are no rules that you are bound to follow. No big piled up glamorous wardrobe is required when you have to show of your style in parties, and everywhere else you hang out with your girlfriend. The only rule to make things work out for you is that keeps things easy for you and pick a style that compliments your body.

You are not following a fashion trend if you run after those looks that you find on seventeen magazine and internet. In reality, you can create your own crazy fashion trends and proudly take them to your school where other girls can praise your fashion-sable mind and if you are lucky enough they will even try to copy it. Summer fashion trends this year is offered with bright colors either that be a dress or some jewelry.  Short mini dresses are must have in this hot weather.

Instead of just wearing a short dress, you can glam it up with new fashion trends that you can find easily all around you. Do wear you short dress with bright neon color flip flops, a large humongous hat, a big multicolor tote and huge sunglasses and voila you are all ready to kick some of that heat in on the beach. What sounds more beautiful than hot summer tan! A cute knee length chiffon floral dress with a straw hat will also look good if you are planning to hit the barn this summer. If you are not in the mood to wear a dress then you can always go for a casual t-shirt with leather mini skirt. Yes, leather mini skirt sounds quite crazy, but that again is our theme to follow this season-crazy fashion trends!

You cannot call any fashion trend a crazy one if there is not a touch of bright makeup to it. Neon nail paints are the new craze of this season and trendy in the ladies. No matter what color your dress is, bright yellow, orange, blue or green nail paints are sure to that crazy funky look that everybody is talking about this season.

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