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Every person has at least an idea of how they want their wedding to be, however planning a beach wedding can be a stressful task, especially if you do not have the right planners by your side. A themed wedding has no rule, that’s the best part so you can really personalize and customize yours.  But do not let that take the best of you because if you do not incorporate your ideas well, the actual day is bound to be not a pleasant one and we do not want that now do we? A good beach wedding theme is one that blends in every aspect of the wedding from the invitations, flowers, accessories, cakes and center pieces at the reception. Going out of the beach cocoon even in the slightest area could make your wedding look inconspicuous. The first thing that you need to carefully select is the color. This detail determines the rest of the ideas that you want put together for your big day.  To make this job less over whelming, I’ll recommend some colors that are fine for a beach wedding theme; Aqua, white and blue.  These are the foundation on which other colors can be added on to. For instance, have white wooden or plastic chairs and decorate them with white and blue cloth or have blue table cloth but with a soft pink centerpiece.  Play with the colors but make sure they complement each other. Now that the color theme is selected, you have to base all the decorations in the same blend, flowers included.  Flowers simply add flavor to the already wonderful background theme, the ocean. And they come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. For the beach wedding theme to be a success, think out of the box and bring together fresh flowers and sea pieces like star fish, sea shells or unique pieces of corals.  Hire professional services from a florist to do this as it requires skills. The end result will take your breath away. Also although costly, you can use brooch bouquets instead of fresh flowers. Have the stem of the flowers tied with satin ribbons that match or complement your overall theme color. Remember that there are no norms to follow with a beach wedding theme; the trick is to fit in your ideas to a functional unit for that once in life time moment.

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