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Cocoa Island is the heaven of honeymoon

Cocoa island blue sky, sea, beach nature is excellent more have a wide variety of flowers fragrant four overflow. In such a paradise, sunny place, visitors to choose what kind of house living, can feel the peace of mind, mental relaxation.

Here, visitors can enjoy the simple and pure life, diving, swimming, walking, etc., all the activities are naturally the sun, sea, beach is very good combination together. Live here, all of the past and the future are less than now important, settled a pure seaside vacation is what all of people's heart.


The Maldives by a series of small islands and small make up want to recommend a good place to alleviate psychological pressure is Cocoa island, a new luxury cloister cocoa island as it is called, is full of romantic amorous feelings.

Here, you in addition to look calm and blue water, can be in more the unparalled original natural landscape, feel comfortable and quiet. Cocoa Island a lot of shallow water and coral reefs make here as the world's leading one of diving area. At the dock dropped a few pieces of bread, have large group of colorful fish to chase. There is a worldwide "Smurfs diving club", for beginners and professional divers can provide professional service, blue can make the person heart become serene and tranquil and into the sea, to release your pressure it.


In addition to diving, yoga is flat mood, relieve pressure of another kind of very good movement, you can follow the teacher Pramod Kumar together time to practice yoga.

In particular there are hotels and resorts of food. The restaurant was Ufaa, in the Maldives, it means "happiness", can enjoy delicious foot on the sand. Menus are from seasonal ingredients, organic vegetables and a day of catch - the local fishermen and farmers to provide.


Everyone on the Hawaiian have surprisingly consistent imagination - the rich holiday preferred, lovers' honeymoon resorts, surfing the handsome boy challenge stage, fashionable young woman shopping paradise... Arrived after the discovery of, this is just a colorful Hawaii edge surface.

If the big island, also called Hawaii (scenic spot for details) island, Hawaii) is you step on Hawaii (scenic spot for details) of the first stop, I'm afraid you will doubt go the wrong way. It is not completely in your mind that keen on bikini party Hawaii (the details) - look of flat side of the road is boundless volcanic rocks and volcanic mud; Car turned several bend the impressively printing into eye but is lush tropical rain forest, Far away the volcano is like concealed, but on the other side, it seems, are still can see the mountain not melt the snow... This is clearly Hollywood dreamwork dream maker space!


The big island of Hawaii (scenic spot for details) largest and most young a island, a total area of 4028 square miles, is all other Hawaii (scenic spot for details) islands added up to the total area of the two times, but its population is only 12% of the total population, and Hawaii (scenic spot for details) several other seat busy island is scarcely populated, compared to the big island of more show a kind of original charm.

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