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Cocktail Dress Code To Make You Look Glam

When you are invited to a cocktail party or to an event you should always know the dress code rules so that you can pick out the appropriate attire to make you look good and comfortable. When you arrive at the event and you are wearing the appropriate attire it will show that you respect the rules of the event and you know the proper etiquette. Being dressed accordingly to dress code types will make you feel confident about yourself where you can mingle with the other guests and have a good time.

When you attend an event it will usually takes hours like the cocktail parties. The best thing always for you to do before you choose your attire is to consider the four main factors which are the location of the party, the theme or the kind of event, season, and the time. If you are invited to a charity event or an awards night then you know that you need to wear formal cocktail dress code for women. If you are invited to attend a housewarming of a friend then you can wear casual dress code.

You will also be guided on what to wear for the dress code clothing of the event is through the invitation. When you are invited through an email or over the phone then you need to wear casual attire. If you have been invited and the invitation was mailed with an RSVP then this calls more on the black tie dress code. Remember also that when you are invited to a cocktail party you wear your best cocktail dress code because this calls for a dress up time. Cocktail dress code is for upscale night clubs, holiday parties, evening weddings or other special events. Cocktail dress is sometimes called creative black tie or festival attire. Wearing a cocktail dress code calls for flashy accessories and distinctive hairstyle.

If you are invited to a cocktail party in the evening then you can wear a semi formal cocktail knee length dress or 2 inches above the knee dresses that fits your body well. Go for dark colored fabrics like vivid blue, raspberry or medium gray. Wear opened toes shoes with rhinestone. For your hairstyle you can have it loosed and wear light make-up. When you are invited to attend a wedding or a charity event then you need to be in a formal cocktail dress code. You can wear spaghetti strap, halter or one shoulder column cocktail dress in knee length high. You can wear your gorgeous open toes stiletto shoes. Accessorize your attire with your elegant jewelries and go with a stylish hairstyle.

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