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Classic Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme

cherry blossom wedding theme

Seasonal wedding theme has great charm therefore many people who think about wedding plan prefer to apply the wedding idea according to the weather’s effect. Spring is a beautiful season where you see different types of flowers every where and your eyes feel very good because of the rattling scenes. In this season if you select cherry blossom wedding theme you can give unique look to your important event for which you are planning to make unforgettable and unique. The delicate branches and billowing cherry blossoms form an attracting view of the party. In Asia cherry blossom is the sign of femininity and fertility therefore it is used widely in their marriages as a good beginning of bridal couple’s life. Pink is the main color that seems most in a cherry blossom plant whereas this is also found in dark pinks, pale, white, bloom yellow and red. To make your wedding day more special and outstanding you can copy the color contrast from a cherry blossom plant.

cherry blossom wedding theme 1

Garden wedding themes are closely related to the cherry blossom plants and its setting. If you are arranging your event in a park or in a garden you can decorate it with cherry blossom flowers with the same color theme. Prepare a beautiful bouquet for bride having all shades of cherry blossom flowers; the branches of the plant are so delicate so you can use it with branches. For bridal out fit select the combination of dark brown and pink colors and believe me that you will get an extraordinary appearance of the marriage.  All pink wedding decoration is also possible if it is the most favorite color of bride such as for the dress, floral arrangements, table decoration and bridesmaid outfits. Every thing of the party can be settle in the lightest pink color. Sage green is a good contrast with pinkish theme. Do garnishing of bride’s hair with beautiful cherry blossoms and groom can tuck cherry blossom branch into the lapels of tuxedos.

cherry blossom wedding theme 2

Cherry blossom marriage idea is considered as the top wedding themes because of its charm and loveliness.  Do the table decoration by the help of the long size flower vases to get tall and whimsy look. Arrange cherry blossom branches with flowers in each vase and use as a centerpiece. Scatter cherry blossom petals around flower vases for beauty and good fragrance. Pink flower with green leaves and dark brown branches present booming contrast and you can apply as it is in you marriage idea.

cherry blossom wedding theme 3

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