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Classic and Romantic Black And White Wedding Themes

Black and white wedding themes could be as romantic as an exclusive candle light dinner at the beach side in the full moon light. Black and white contrast is like an evergreen contrast which can work out in any given season and this contrast will not only wok out but will make your wedding the most modish and trendy in your town. There is a trick to work out with the black color to give it a happy look and that trick is balancing both black and white colors in a smart way and the use of the divine shades that comes between the hues of black and white.black and white wedding themes

The black and white wedding themes can work with various kinds of designs but each of them has its own spiritual beauty but you can even combine two designs in a sequence to give it an organized and rather diverse look. In your wedding cake you can get a layered cake with the first layer containing white topping with flowers designed on it and then a second layer containing black color with white polka dots on it and then again a layer which black and white stripes on it and the last layer could be black with white floral art done on it.

black and white wedding themes 1

In a black and white wedding you are not bound to wear a white dress and you can wear a black dress which could be a matt black with luster on it and to give it a happy look add a red LED light belt on the waist of yours. This LED light will give an amazing finishing to your dress whereas the flower girls can wear red colored dresses or even greyish dresses and can use LED’s as their bracelets or even carry the lights in their bouquets. In the interior décor of your reception use white and black flowers where white flowers will send a peaceful message when black will stand out as mesmerizing and passionate. You can use a black table cloth but then make sure that you put a grand white colored bouquet as a center piece on the tables.

black and white wedding themes 2

Black and white contrast is a strong contrast that can work as an addiction so there is nothing bad if you provide a bit of more alcohol to your guests in the shape of cocktail or you can even present them with beer by managing a bar at the corner. You can spray the fragrance of Dunhill or any other strong fragrance to get the elegance and classiness of black and white in your wedding and don’t forget to put black and white photos of yours at the walls as a piece of decoration.

black and white wedding themes 3

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