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Cinderella Themed Wedding Decorations

There are many beautiful themes for wedding decoration, but if you want to look like a fairy in your wedding and want the wedding hall to be decorated in empire style then you should make it in Cinderella wedding theme. You can go with many attractive decoration for your wedding venue and as it is a very special wedding theme which based on the story of a cute little girl who was born as a servant and then get married to a prince so, it will impact very beautifully on people’s heart and the Cinderella wedding theme will make your wedding a very precious day of your life.

A wedding ceremony requires to arrange preciously and a theme creates perfection in events. The Cinderella’s story is based on romance and at the wedding venue you need to create romantic decoration like use heart shape balloons and beautiful roses of various colors for Cinderella wedding theme. For making a beautiful wedding hall use white table covers with golden design for the guests sitting arrangement and put some attractive centerpieces over tables like designer canes with roses. For the wedding costume of bride use long white or cream gowns decorate with many bodices, in this wedding dress the bride will surely look like a fairy a beautiful Cinderella crown will enhance her beauty.

Dress of the groom must be like a prince you can see in the Cinderella’s movie and it will be good if the guests also use costume according to the Cinderella wedding theme. As there were various characters in Cinderella’s life so the wedding family can try the costumes related to those characters. For the invitations you can keep the fairy tale style wedding invitation cards or royal style as you want, but just remember it must be according to Cinderella wedding theme. The wedding altar should be decorated in the design of the castle like in Cinderella story and use some golden curtains as shelter with beautiful white flowers, this will create a very amazing royal style’s atmosphere in your wedding. In Cinderella wedding theme you can order for a cake which is designed like a white castle and it is perfect for this ceremony. Use false stars and hang them over room it will shine very beautifully and create a very heart touching impression on your guests. So like this you can make wedding same as Cinderella’s wedding and you can also live that stunning moment of princess in Cinderella wedding theme.

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  1. Kristine Decena 2015/5/23 13:49:46

    I just want to ask if do u do Cinderella props for quiencenera Reply

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