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Cinderella Themed Wedding Can Add Flavor And Romance To Your Wedding

Every bride has aspirations to give some dramatic sensational theme to her wedding. Everyone really has to have a niche to design the Cinderella wedding theme. Beyond any doubt, you have to get fully involved to add such a beauty to the most special day of your life.

Cinderella themed wedding can start with a pumpkin cart designed especially for the Cinderella wedding theme. The wedding occasion should be designed at 12’ 0 clock in the night, the bride should get down from the pumpkin cart. The groom should come forward, kneel down for a while, give her one crystal white sandal to wear which will fit in her feet, hold her hand, kiss it and and they should start walking towards the main gate where the ceremony formally will be conducted. The bride should be dressed up in a Cinderella’s attire. The wedding cake should be three floored. A big pink cake with blue and white flowers and a picture of the Cinderella should be embedded in the cake.

The audience should mark the occasion with lots of clapping and applause, when the Cinderella gets down from her pumpkin cart, they should be a shower of rose petals and white flowers along with glitter and shimmer all around. The friends of the bride should wear while colored laced dresses with a white crown and they have to look very beautiful with bright red lipstick put on them with pink blush on their cheeks. The wedding in the garden and in the night time would be the best time for the wedding . There should be pink laces and white ribbons tied across the arms of the friends of the bride to add ambiance to this unique fairy tale wedding theme.

The groom should wear the attire of a prince with a pony and taxi do. The food should have a lavish variety with a touch of tradition and culture should be kind of a feast. Without a song for a bride like Cinderella, the wedding would look incomplete. It should have an essence of a Cinderella theme song, the lyrics should be designed such that the name of the bride and the groom must come there. The wedding cake should have white pearls embedded on the pink flowers of cream.

The pink carpet of the floor should be covered with white and red rose petals scattered here and there. The arch of the gate in the garden where the ceremony will formalize, should be all in white and pink flowers with glossy balls hanging from there. The trees should be covered with pink glossy balls. The entire environments may give a fragrance of flowers and the music in the midst of the night will complete the Cinderella themed wedding.

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