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Christmas Shoes To Make You Feel Special

Let's start talking about Christmas shoes materials. There are three types: leather, synthetic and suede. The best boots are leather and suede because they are better quality and last longer, but also are the most expensive. Boots synthetic or imitation are a good choice because they allow you to bring the latest trends at great price. Be careful with the shoes with long heels, it can make you look unbalanced, instead looking shoes 2 to 3 inches. If you wear flat shoes, make sure they are somehow high for styling purposes. Use the rest of the costume to elongate your figure, with straight skirts that end above the knee, dark trousers and vertical lines.

There are so many 2014 fashion trends, you will be astonished. During autumn and winter, boots and booties can also mask the area of the ankles and calves depending on the height (not the middle of the twins). Team Christmas shoes with tights in the same color and dark pants. Women with big feet have to avoid wearing shoes with lots of tips that will have your feet look bigger. Instead, wear shoes with round or square toe and choose dark colors and designs that do not call much attention.

Never forget the importance of balance and proportion in your image. If the dress, pants or clothes you wear a lot of attention by the design or the color, sure to bring simpler shoes. If, however, the clothes are simple and classic, you can have fun a little more and look for shoes with designs that you like and bright colors. Also, keep in mind the occasion and place. It is not the same to choose a shoe for work as Christmas shoes. All in all, if you buy a new pair of shoes, waiting to try on the shoes until the end of the day it is when your feet are most swollen and want to be sure that you will be comfortable with them. Find out what not to wear and get going!

For short women, the best Christmas shoes option if you have wide ankles is to wear shoes is to put the tip but not the back (without heel). It always takes at least a half inch heel to stylize your legs. The shoes are very large (heel, sole, etc.) Or very fine make your leg look thicker. Find the average size and avoid square-toed shoes with very thin heels or platforms. Avoid ankle straps in order not to give the impression of a larger ankle.

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