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Christmas Music Basics And A Bit Of History

Apart from following smart dress code styles, it is relevant to learn about music and decor. Are you familiar with Christmas musicconcepts? Grab your pen and notes for the many 2013-2014 songs. It was with these words that, after spending the night writing, Irving Berlin introduced his secretary the topic, seventy years later; it was elected in a poll Its Ranked - website surveys and more massive ratings world - as the best Christmas song of all time! It is the famous "White Christmas", which Berlin wrote in 1940 sitting next to a pool at a resort in Arizona, and that after his stunning success two years later the voice of Bing Crosby, remains versioned every year for new artists that have made it into the Guinness Book of records as the best selling song of all time, with over one hundred million Christmas music copies estimated.

After a radio premiere on Christmas 1941, which went unnoticed, "White Christmas" was presented to the public in the Hollywood musical "Holiday Inn" (1942), starring Bing Crosby and Fred Staire , and wherein it was not even one of the key themes. The Crosby himself did not seem very excited about the song, and when he heard the piano in Berlin with one of the pre- shooting tests, he just said "I do not think we have problems with this, Irving." As for recording, quite disinterested, which he held from the 42 - item was re-recorded in '47 because the original master was worn.

The end it was the public that made it shine "White Christmas”. First, when the end of October 42 as the number one exalted "Your Hit Parade", a list of Christmas music successes created exclusively by listeners. It was the first on the list of American successes in the Christmas of 1945 and 1946, becoming the first and only single to achieve such a feat. One of the most widespread Christmas musictheories about the huge success of "White Christmas" at the time of its release responds to the time when American society embarked on World War II and many separated by military service families of their children lived.

In fact, Network Broadcasts of the Armed Forces was flooded with requests from soldiers and family who wanted to devote "White Christmas" to your loved ones and convey, for three minutes, the Christmas mood so well that recreates the song. This song seems to work as well as during the first day and although skeptical Bing Crosby remains the quintessential voice of this song, such diverse artists as Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beach Boys, Guns N 'Roses Destiny’s Child or found it sufficient to revisit reasons for almost seventy years. To this end, people would wear coat and tie dress code styles to dance.

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