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Christmas Jeans Collections For Every Woman

Christmas Jeans are fantastic, get to know how to select the best holiday styles. As a start, avoid jeans with a ¾ leg length or ankle - "capri jeans" - because they make the legs look shorter. Rather, jeans should be narrow straight leg or boot jeans wide - with a slight extension of the knee down - and arriving right at the end of heel. If you have very long legs, then the straight leg jeans are ideal. If you have wide legs, try to avoid skinny jeans - and opt for baggy pants - that balance the widest part of the body. No matter what, you will come across with the best models ever.

Do you have much bust? Despite your Christmas party themes tastes and preferences, remember that boot pants with slight enlargement of the knee down are good to balance the size of the bust. Those with an apple body shape should stay away from the waist jeans and skinny jeans. If this is your case, opt for wide jeans knee to hem - "flare Christmas jeans" to balance your middle. For those women with very wide hips, it is better to avoid narrow - leg jeans skinny jeans, jeggings, etc – instead, choose straight pants or wide styles- a boot cut with a slight extension of the knee down, to give balance to your hips and thighs.

Moreover, try to avoid skinny jeans - because these mark and highlight the area of your buttocks. For a small figure, it is better to stick to styles that will lead to a curvaceous figure. Also, you can go for Christmas jeans with details on the sides. Jeans "cargo" for example - with pockets - can make you look wider. Well, apart from this, you need to look for top combos. A short jacket or denim jacket is a great option if you have short stature because this will make your legs look longer. To put it another way, if you buy a jacket or long coat, it seems that legs are "born" right where the coat ends, and if the coat comes for example to half your leg, making you shorter visually look smaller.

All in all, you might want to avoid very long coats or very long upper garments, especially if you do not want to shorten your figure. If instead you choose a Christmas dress up short jacket that matches Christmas jeans, this is perhaps the ideal because besides being short, it makes you emphasize the waist - level, elevating your detail with your legs visually to lengthen them.

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