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Christmas fancy luxurious wedding cake

When the street window set up Christmas tree, Santa Claus in a good mood to carry bag began to distribute candy and all kinds of Christmas songs linger around again ears, we finally and found the reason for celebrating: Christmas is coming! This time, why don't you slow down footsteps gradually and set a tree in the home Christmas trees with favorite people together. To hang bunch of flowers, brewing a Christmas heart, pray in the sound of joy to meet a unique romantic flavor on Christmas Eve, for this a year a unique exclamation point!---Christmas fancy- luxurious wedding cake clip_image001 Riches and honor restoring ancient ways Unusual magnificent classical desktop, high gloss crystal glass, line fruity wine bottle, elegant modeling candle decoration, and the unique design of the elegant flowers, instantly create a thick style restoring ancient ways. And when the elegant candlestick emitted from the candle in place, the sheet metal luster present perfectly, the most charming luxury Christmas feeling arises spontaneously immediately.---Christmas fancy- luxurious wedding cake Flower art: The most notable, of course, it is color glass, bundles with aureate illuminative the blooming flowers sending out charming perfume as if waiting for people takes a seat at the table to cheer each other. And wealth and luxury purple flower art, and costly golden advocate tone form bright contrast, for Christmas add out a good atmosphere. Cake: Golden age: flower-like age, a dream time, everyone has his or her the golden years, vaguely beautiful and unforgettable. Pure gold jewelry gently wrapping around the cake surface will warm the hearts and transfer it in this red Christmas season. This will be the static good years, immersed in a sweet, melting in my heart! The feelings: Porcelain white cake, on the surface with patches of golden leaves ornament, full of fantasy and vivid Christmas scene. It also launched in front of us. White snowflake carves patterns or designs on woodwork set each other off become an interest, on one side is permeated with a lively warm and holy Christmas breath. And all this, also in gently tell a deep and sweet! clip_image002 Traditional child style The traditional westerners use red, green and white for Christmas color. Families always use Christmas colors to decorate houses. Therefore, when scarlet cloth gently cover console table, white porcelain and green flowers adorned among them, I believe that no one would deny that the classical collocation. But colorful flowers and cartoon lovely Christmas cake brought a lively feeling, for the upcoming wonderful holiday add an unforgettable delight.---Christmas fancy- luxurious wedding cake Flower art: Flower artist will be a series of color and lustre bright-coloured flower, just add some careful machine, creating a unique charm. Yellow, orange, blue, in fact, is the most common color, but the collocation with colorful brought a visual little shock. Dot eyeball source is the white three pallets, not only is the best embodiment of rural wind more in my warm afternoon send out a deep meaning of Christmas. Cake: The happy childhood and childhood dream Christmas must remain in the depths of memory, this one Christmas tree modeling cake, not only hung mysterious dream box, more full of present red socks, small crutch, lovely animals and kind of Santa Claus and so on thick happy elements.   clip_image003 Glittering and translucent snow feeling On Christmas Eve, the bell is ringing, the blessings of a beautiful Christmas season as if turning into the patches of glittering and translucent snowflake, kissing the lover's cheek. This Christmas cake is with romantic snow scenery as the main elements, pebble design more exaggerated and elegant reveal out is the envy of noble temperament, even if no snow this winter, also let a lover feel the thick snow meaning.---Christmas fancy- luxurious wedding cake clip_image004 Palace sweet In this festival belongs to the romantic, beautiful modeling palace style cake is essential. Beautiful flowers complex and red ribbons in photograph reflect the fragrant sweet and bring wealth and luxury romantic love. Why don't you indulge in bloom in the beauty of the atmosphere, let the tip of the tongue in the magnificent palace in taste dance... ---Christmas fancy- luxurious wedding cake clip_image005 Christmas Cupcake Red and white Christmas nature is the classical collocation. On a silver tray, when seen from afar, as if it is a lively elf. And that of heavy cream and unique taste, also capture the lover's heart with warm in this some cold Christmas.

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