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Choosing the Right Colour Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses have certainly come a long way. In the mid 1800, brides-to-be simply chose the best dress from their wardrobe to wear on the wedding day. Unlike now, wedding dresses then were not only worn on the big day; they were also worn long after weddings. As time progressed, blue dresses specially designed for weddings were introduced. It was only after the wedding between Queen Victoria and her Cousin Albert in 1840 that the wedding dress norm changed. On her wedding day, Queen Victoria wore an expensive white wedding dress that later became the standard wedding dress. wedding dress Unlike before when brides-to-be wore white wedding dresses as a sign of childhood innocence and purity, they are now a sign of high social status and opulence. Most wedding dresses in white are actually worn only once; on the big day. This has changed and you are no longer restricted to wearing white wedding dresses. Various departmental stores and designers now make available colour wedding dresses. Availability of coloured wedding dresses has given many brides-to-be the opportunity to wear dresses in colour that best flatters them. You now have the opportunity to choose a wedding dress in a colour that compliments your hair, eyes and skin. Choosing a coloured wedding dress from the many colour wedding dresses available while paying attention to your bridesmaids’ dress color easily creates the desired coordination you need on your big day. Even though colour wedding dresses are readily available, their use during wedding ceremonies has not been that prominent. This can be attributed to the fact that many brides-to-be find a challenge in choosing the right colored dress to wear on their wedding day. When it comes to choosing a coloured dress, t is very important to take certain factors into consideration. wedding dresses These include:

  • Wedding venue – It is very important to choose a coloured wedding dress with your wedding venue in mind. Your decision on colour should be informed by whether yours will be an indoor or outdoor event. Choose a coloured dress that will fit in well with predominant colours in or around the venue.
  • Season – It is very important that you choose a coloured wedding dress in a colour that blends well with the season’s predominant color(s). For example, dresses in gold, dark green, cream, plum or burgundy will be appropriate during fall season. Platinum, regal purple, snow white or cranberry dress colour scheme is perfect for wear in winter.
  • You need to stick to such lighter colours as lemon yellow, mint green and turquoise should your wedding day fall in spring season. You have many options when it comes to choosing a coloured wedding dress during summer. Dresses in blue, lilac, lavender, yellow, orange or combination of these colours will be most appropriate.
  • Wedding mood – Wedding ceremonies need to be very memorable. You can easily enhance everyone’s mood by choosing a wedding dress in light tangerine, gold, hot pink, bright orange, chocolate brown and dresses n other saturated colours.
You should never go wrong with your wedding colours. This is why it is very important to shop for colour wedding dresses carefully by taking all the above factors into consideration.  

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