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Choosing the Perfect Girls Party Dresses

Now that the weather is starting to warm up a bit it’s time for your girl to come out of hibernation, both figuratively and literally.  The perfect party dresses are fun, playful, and little sassy.  You can accessorize those dresses with a bracelet or a little glittery clutch, anything to spice it up.  Just be sure to dress her according to exactly what type of party it will be. The right dress for the right shape While there’s plenty of girls’ party dresses to choose from, not every dress fits every body type.  If your girl’s what’s considered to be extra petite, you should focus on a shorter dress that will help make her seem a bit taller than she is.  Consider a dress that’s about finger-tip length, and shortened on one side.  Choose solid colors; they’ll help you to give her a naturally taller look.  If you want her to look taller still, try some black tights, and pair them with some heels. For taller, and more shapely girls avoid monochrome colors because they will drown out her figure. Also, try to avoid wearing too many accessories with your dress because they’ll distract from her natural figure.   Try something with a fitted waistline to really show off. All that being said you should certainly dress your girl for the occasion.  If it’s a wonderful festive spring party try for some light off-setting colors, with pleats to accentuate her body.  Thin straps are fun, whimsical, and playful, and match just about every body style. Start looking ahead of time One easy way to save time is to take your girl’s measurements at home, then shop online to see what dresses are available in those measurements.  That way you can eliminate stores that don’t always cater to your girl’s size. Choose something comfortable The key to your girl enjoying herself at the party is to choose a dress for her that she’ll be comfortable in.  Girls’ party dresses come in a variety of fabrics, so make sure that your girl’s comfortable wearing the dress you buy prior to the party.  Don’t be afraid to ask her how she feels in the dress, and look for obvious signs of discomfort.  If she really likes the dress but feels uncomfortable in it, it’s possible she’ll try hiding the fact that it doesn’t feel as well as it looks.

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