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Choosing a flower girl’s dress

After purchasing yourself a perfect gown and elegant accessories to go with, ensure too that you find your flower girl a dress or gown that complements your own as well. This is because she is your own reflection and she should be outstanding as much as possible. Ensure the dress she is in matches the style and wedding theme too. Therefore, I have analyzed some of these factors one should consider so as to find the most appropriate dress for the flower girl. [caption id="attachment_17361" align="aligncenter" width="550"]flower girl flower girl[/caption] To start with, always consider the wedding theme and its nature in terms of formality. Ensure that you choose the dress according to the wedding theme which is actually based on your own wedding gown. A wedding with a beach theme should see the flower girl wear a dress which has light colors which includes pastels and also one that has simple designs. A wedding to be held in a ballroom should see a flower girl dress being fancy but comfortable. Similarly one should consider the season in which the wedding is going to be held. Don’t make you flower girl uncomfortable; make sure the dress you purchase for her is fit for that particular weather. Therefore if the wedding is scheduled for summer, consider purchasing a light dress which holds less heat as compared to a heavier one for winter so as to retain more body heat. Purchase the most comfortable dress considering the season. [caption id="attachment_17364" align="aligncenter" width="550"]flower girl dresses flower girl dresses[/caption] Do not go for the most expensive dresses. At times there are less expensive dresses which are more elegant and more beautiful than the expensive dresses. This will try to minimize the cost you budget for you shopping and total wedding costs. Choosing to purchase dresses from the internet is advisable since they are cheap and of good quality too. Another factor to consider is color. Ensure the flower girl dress matches the wedding colors. It is advisable to make her dress a miniature of your own since she is like your own reflection. You are not restricted however to make changes and incorporate different styles and designs to the dress. Ensure that any incorporations of colors you will make, complements the wedding theme. You can also go shopping with the girl and see which dresses she really appreciate. Young girls are known to like and dress to the occasion; this means that they will be comfortable in a dress they love most. Giving them a chance to choose their own dress will make them feel more comfortable in it.

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