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Choose Your Wedding Themed Songs Wisely

Wedding themed songs are one of the integral parts of your wedding reception as they enhance love and romance ambiance and also, the feeling of bliss for the couple. The songs fill up what is left in your wedding. Listening to a melodious song which is soothing to ears, your guests would just forget the rest. They might forget how beautiful your bridal clothes are and how delicious your wedding cake was but music is what they would remember for all the time to come. Therefore, there are songs for all the wedding processions like the brides walk down the aisle, for the first dance of the event, during cake cutting and prelude songs played during the seating of your invited guests.

wedding theme songs

You start selecting the songs for wedding as soon as you approach twenty. With so much liveliness you go for the songs which truly touch your soul and dream for the same at your wedding day. But only listening to them and finalizing them for your wedding day is not enough, because as soon as your wedding day approaches you become blank! You forget all the songs which made you emotional, which you thought were perfect for that day. It’s always better to note them down so that you don’t have to face this period of panic and fright.

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When it comes to wedding, almost everyone you have met is there which include your friends from school life, your colleagues and loveable relatives. Songs which are delightful for some are not liked by others. People would say “oh! It’s the best wedding I have ever attended” only if your wedding exceeds their expectation. You can either ask your friends for the songs which they would like to hear on your wedding day and then create a playlist which is a mixture of all songs, the hits of, 50’s, 60’s and 80’s. This would save your precious time which you would spend, searching for the greatest hits and the playing them one by one to yourself.

wedding theme songs 2

Then the important task is of choosing a Band. Once it is done ask your band if they know how to play the songs you have chosen for your big day. The wedding themed songs should be handed over to the band at least a few months before the date so that your band can practice playing the songs of your choice or they can tell you within right time that you should begin your search for the other band.

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