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Choose an Unconventional Theme for Wedding

One of the critical components to be decided upon in a wedding is its theme. Arranging a fairly tale wedding with a splendid theme for wedding is not a piece of cake. There are plenty of themes for wedding that includes arranging a rooftop ceremony, decorating an open garden with flowers and fruits or adorning a secret garden with serene settings, taking wedding vows on a cruise and many more. Among innumerable options, selecting a suitable theme for a wedding is as difficult as choosing a party dress.  

  Below are two of the unconventional themes for wedding: Summer forest theme for wedding This theme for wedding is about arranging the function at a natural enchanted forest where sunshine sprinkle on earth through the leaves, wild grass spreads in the season’s breeze. This theme centers on the mystery and whims of life. Green, brown, pastel, ivory and vibrant flowery colors rule the theme for celebrations. Summer forest theme for wedding depicts the deep emotions of relationships. Every emotion that comes emanating from the souls present in wedding is heavenly.  The natural scenery of forest can be used in every item on display at the wedding.  Decorate the geographic region with oak plants in pots. Have beautiful pictures of trees on the envelopes, liners, cards and ribbons for wedding. Use faux bios and a vivid wrath to deck up the tables for guests and use lemon leaves to decorate the food plates. Paper bag, cardboard box can be used for packaging party favors for the family and friends. Use tiny treasure of wood as mushrooms, oak leaves and acorns for decorating the wedding cake. The design of bridal dress can have the painting of lady bug.  Lady bug in forests signifies good fortune.  Groomsmen’s lapels can be embellished with woodsy design patterns. Flower girls can be dressed up in pastel hues.

    Retro theme for wedding Remember the era of 50’s! The Elvis rock-n-roll, soda fountains, popcorn, curly hairstyles and love ballads of 50’s depicted a fancy atmosphere. The romantic charm of 50’s is a perfect theme for wedding.  Create a vintage room background, choose pastel dresses, use darker makeup and go for a non traditional yet unusual photo shoot.  This way, the retro theme will unfold the mystery of earlier years and highlight the atmosphere. The theme wedding ideas will create beautiful memories for your family and friends. They will cherish these memories forever.    

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