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Choose a Marvelous Nautical Wedding Theme for Your Wedding

The wedding themes are unlimited and if you start counting, many days will spend but the list will not be ended. Nautical wedding theme is a booming idea for marriage celebrations because when you add water themes in an event, it forms a romantic and great appearance that hypnotizes all of the attendants of the party. They feel that they are lost in an imaginary fairy tale where the surroundings were quite different.

nautical wedding theme

There are many ideas which may be used in a nautical wedding plan such as a boat shape stage can be prepare for the bridal couple. In the back of the stage, use sky blue wall paper to create the effect of water. This boat will be of large size with lots of decorations like floral setting and the seats of boat in a unique way etc. Lilies, daises are the favorable flowers for this theme. Use flowers for the outer decoration of the boat to make it extravagant. Ores of the sail will be of the vibrant colors sheet and you will paste some petals on it.

nautical wedding theme 1

The front side of the boat should be of black color with the combination of white. Inside the boat, use black velvet to cover the surface of the boat. The bridal dress must be of white or cream color with matching jewelry and long heel pumps along with colored lace. When bride will sit on the black seat of boat she will look like a fairy which you have seen in movie or pictures of the story book. The most suitable outfit for groom will be the black pant and white shirt and a tuxedo on it will increase the beauty. It will give the prince look to him.

nautical wedding theme 2

Prepare small boats or sailors if you have time otherwise buy from market, these are easily available on cheap rate. Paste some flowers on every boat and put on each table or you can arrange some boats in the center of table beautifully as a decoration piece. Did you select the venue of a nautical wedding theme? If not yet so suggest a venue by the sea it will create the attracting appearance for bridal and for the guests too. A yacht club is also an ideal place with attractive ideas. All of the guests will never forget this occasion. Choose solids, stripes with nautical motifs for the great look of the event. Select nautical idea to make your wedding memorable.

nautical wedding theme 3

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