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Chicago Street Style - Simple As Well As Stylish

If you have recently traveled to Chicago then get ready for the winter and be prepared to tolerate the iciness as in cold weather Chicago get covered with snow. I am not talking about to lock up yourself in your homes nor I want you to be scared. I mean to say that enjoy coming season lavishly and have a wonderful winter of your life. You can follow new fashion, trends or style in any season and I must say that Chicago native proved that you can be look trendy and smart with jackets, scarves and woolen caps. So in this winter just make your own Chicago Street style with impressive, comfortable and warm clothing.

“What to wear” these three words are constantly said by every second women all over the world. So I am here to tell you about Chicago street style, so you can be aware about the style of dressing and other accessories of their females. You can wear skirts or frocks in summer or spring. Silky and soft pants are preferable in summer as compared to skinny jeans. They use vibrant and fresh colors in spring. Floral prints are normally looks great on teenagers. Women mostly enjoy check prints or net materials in different colors. In Chicago you see a massive combination of white and black. It looks elegant, classy and professional, so working women prefer white shirt, black skirt and coat with smart black or white shoes.

However, in winter they add layers in their outfit. Girls mostly wear leggings or stockings, two pair of socks and then long boots to warm their legs. Water proof shoes are necessary to go out in the snow otherwise your feet gets stuck. So before purchasing any stylish shoes make sure that they also protect your feet in winter. Bright and striking colors are famous in winter for Chicago street style. It warms up your mood in chill windy season. Long jackets are available there in various styles you can pick your favorite one according to your personality. You can wear leather jackets and long coats matching with your clothes. There was a time when leather are limited with only black and brown color but now, it is existing in unique colors so that women also have the benefit of it.

To cover a head they wrap a scarf and then wear warm caps that are styled and fashionable too. Fold your scarf around a neck before wearing a coat also looks amazing. For more protection they use gloves. You can be gorgeous by trying all these stuff in coming season. It may cover you from head to toe but also warmth you with elegant style.

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