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Chicago Street Style- Let the Boldness Rock

Chicago is one of the most populous cities of United States of America and if I see other way round then Chicago has got most fashionable people roaming around their streets. Badly groomed people have no place in Chicago as it is a party place and people around the streets seem like they are ready to have party all day round, which means in other words that they are well groomed. So if you are planning to stay in the lime light of the places you visit then adopting Chicago street style might be the best option you have.

However the title of this essay clearly tells that Chicago street style calls for boldness and boldness here means truly funky yet decent dress up. The Chicago style of dressing up is rather difficult to explain because it has got a lot of colors intact with it. The Chicago style is bold, straight forward, and funky and you might say indecent rather than decent but still it looks good and it is eye catching in a very positive manner. It is a true style of streets which is comfortable, carefree and brave yet it is lovely in other way.

Chicago is a versatile place to live in where sun keeps on shining over your head all day long in summers and in winters is killing cold. Dressing is the main hit to fight the season for Chicago residents as they rather like to dress up in a very lite manner in summers as they hate to wear overcoats in time of summers whereas coats are added at time of winters. Normally the girls there like to wear miniskirts or a one piece shirt just covering enough area still leaving the legs exposed however legs are mostly covered with self-printed tights or long boats as this is there fashion statement.

The blondes of Chicago streets have their very own Chicago street style where they apply red or orange lipstick and cover their nails with equally funky colors as in orange and green. If you want to cover your legs then selecting straight pants is a bad idea because lose bottoms as in crazy pants are preferred more when it comes to the Chicago style. If you want to make a statement today on Chicago streets then make sure to carry red shades with you and apply orange lipstick followed by orange colored nail-polish.

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