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Celebrate the Extraordinary Black Wedding Theme

Though it may sound a little dark and lot more different than ordinary red, white and blue but Black is the new ‘evergreen’ colour. Everyone loves black. This colour has an aura of its own. Black is always elegant. Black wedding theme is a fantabulous idea to be incorporated in wedding in any season. Use black and make people who think that black is only known for pin stripes and polka dots envy for doing this.

Black is dark but is very neutral in its own sense. Teamed well with silver and white, the black colour brightens up the whole environment at the late fall, winter or night parties. To get a super elegant vibe, you can pair up black with green, lime, blue or even red. Black is the most economical choice for colour theme wedding, yet the beauty of black is such that it may make the big day look very extravagant in everyone’s eyes. Choice of black wedding theme also makes the shopping a bit easier.

It can be used as main colour and also as an accent. Surf some upscale wedding sites and see how sophistically black has been used by couples in their wedding receptions. Get the invitation cards designed in black and white. Choose the decoration to be a mix of black and white. You can also do black with a splash of creamy colour. Black is classy and it gives the environment a nice touch. Here are the different shades of black which you can choose from for your black wedding theme. Pure Black You can choose black which is as pure as the black sky of night. Take a look at night sky to get clues. Pick black as main colour for the party theme and colour coordinate it with yellow and orange. Make the theme look like the black sky with colourful stars. Blue Black As the name reads, blue black is a combination of dark blue and pure black. Though, you can coordinate black with light blue, sky blue or even purple. For example, you can create an aura by using a black tablecloth and placing crystal blue glasses on it. White Black White and Black are the two most elegant colour combinations. This mix and match is highly appreciated at theme parties. There is no dearth of decoration material and favours in black and white colour.  

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