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Celebrate Love with Wedding Anniversary Themes

Wedding anniversary is the day for couples when they celebrate their ever growing love for each other. Paper for first year, cotton for second, flower for fourth, tin for tenth, silver for twenty –fifth and diamond for seventy-fifth, likewise every wedding anniversary themes for couples has a natural unspoken theme to it. Additionally you may incorporate any of the wedding anniversary themes of your choice to make the event memorable.

The trend of celebrating wedding anniversary has witnessed a major change since past few years. Earlier, the anniversary celebrations used to be a quiet event for couples which they use to celebrate at their home, moving on the children started to join in the celebrations of their parents anniversary and now an anniversary is celebrated at an all together different way. Children, family members, friends and guests all take part in the celebrations. The celebrations are held either at home or in outdoor open locations or even at nearby hotels and restaurants. However; it is the tenth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth or the hundredth anniversary which holds more importance as to be celebrated with great pomp and show. Rest are still enjoyed among family members only without inviting friends and guests. The couples start planning of wedding anniversary themes at least two weeks prior to the anniversary day. Just like the themes for marriages and birthday parties, they choose to stage the occasion near a beach, at the roof top of their house, in nearby hotel or at natural and historic places around such as vineyard or castle. The venue that they choose often becomes the theme of party. They also incorporate the ideas of colours such as white, red, coral, blue and other mix and match for wedding anniversary themes. The wedding anniversary themes are chosen to match with the personal taste of the couple. The couple may even incorporate a speech wedding anniversary theme wherein, the couple as well as all other present on the occasion has to deliver a speech on any topic of their choice. The topic could be love friendship, bonding or relations just like the one which is chosen for wedding vows. Complementary and lovable words set a lovely atmosphere at the event. Just like the celebration of wedding ceremony, the wedding anniversary  themes celebrations too involve exchange of gifts. The couple may decide not to take any gift from the guests and accordingly the guests can be informed of their decision prior to the celebration.  In place of gifts the couple usually seek blessing and good wishes from all as a wedding anniversary gift.

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