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Casual Chic Dress Code For Your Everyday Wear

Casual chic dress code is an enjoyable and welcomed option to the unattractive sweat suits that many ladies wear to run errands or the uninteresting office wear. It is about combining a comfortable informal fashion like leather jacket, cotton or khaki pants and jeans with a stylish and classy style such as feminine blouse and tailored trousers.  All you need to do with a casual chic dress code is to look through your cabinet and mix and match your outfits. It is not only fun but it can also bring out the artistic in you.

The casual chic attire is usually used in the majority of casual, professional and even moderately formal events. The term weekend wear is a separation from casual chic attire because this is normally the most informal ensemble of shorts, t-shirts and jeans. Putting on a darker wash jean twists a casual dress code into an extra chic piece. You can wear dark fitted jeans with your silk blouse or nice sweater with scarf and embellished flats. If you are going shopping why not wear a tank top with daring color, a white capri pants and cork wedges shoes or an elegant jeans, an embroidered scoop neck t-shirt or feminine top with a bronze, silver or glittery ballet flats.

Try out a red turtleneck sweater with black or white jeans that is skinny and flat boots. How about wearing your much loved informal dress with a jean jacket or combining a striking t-shirt with your preferred informal skirt and wedges for a casual chic dress code.  For a daytime wear one ideal look is to wear a classic beaded cardigan with your jeans and ballet flats or a pair of heels. To attain another combination of comfort and classy outfit, choose fitted twill, khaki or linen trousers with a pastel flowing top and heels that are closed toe.

With your black and white outfit, you can flaunt your red shoes or silver flats. Mix your wedges, knitted dress, and a quilted bag that is larger than usual. Your favorite velvet blazer can be mixed with white shirt, jeans and flat ballet shoes as an office dress code. Last but not the least, to have the casual chic dress code, accessorize. Wear a not so stylish silver jewelry, headband and fashionable bags. You can also wear a ponytail and tie it with a silk scarf or handkerchief.

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    Would like to know when you are coming back to North Vacouver to Lions Gate Hospital Just saw a lady wearing something she bought from you, it is just beautifulReply

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