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Carnival Themed Wedding, A Real Fun Wedding

Carnival themed wedding is the best idea of wedding ceremony, who wish a beautiful but full of fun and enjoyment wedding ceremony. They have no wish to add extra cheese or clown in their wedding, but want to enjoy their wedding as happy, playful and full of enjoyment occasion. They also have a wish to give happy time to their wedding guests. They don’t wish to hear only “nice” as a complement; they wish to hear the shout of wedding guests, as yes! That was the real fun. They want a cry touch with the heartfelt vows and also want to add the laugh and giggle by fun and enjoyment.

Let’s start with the dress code, carnival themed wedding can ask for bow ties and special dress code for enhancing the touch of real fun. Most of the people love the dress code for the classy and unique look of wedding theme. As there will be real fun, so the fun games shall be the necessary part of the carnival. You can arrange the prizes and gifts for the winning parties of the wedding. Guests shall definitely enjoy the fun games and shall actively part in the games during taking the cocktail. Cotton candy, snow corn and pop corns shall fill the real fun picture in the wedding ceremony. Toasts, cup cakes and meal shall be additional part of the real fun carnival.

For the addition of real childhood carnival fun in wedding, the carnival themed wedding must arrange the decorations of balloons and colorful candies and bounties in the reception of the wedding. There are endless possibilities from food to dressing for a carnival fun wedding ceremony. Layered rainbow cake, French fries and pizza are also the considered food items for adding in meal. Tables can be decorated with colorful cloths for adding freshness and lively active look in the carnival fun. These can further be decorated with paper flower or the centerpieces having beads.

The fun games as the ring game for testing the luck or different and unique pose for the camera catch the real fun of the camera. The dance party for the crazy dancing people or the dance competition for winning the hidden treasure of the wedding ceremony shall add the more stars in the real fun of the carnival themed wedding. These all arrangements, if managed well shall ensure your guests enjoy this  fun wedding theme.

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