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Captivating Wedding Cake Themes

Did you ever think about edible items wedding theme? We are presenting here an unusual idea for your most important occasion of life. Yes it is your marriage celebration for which you were too much conscious and want to make it more special for you and for your guests. Choose wedding cake themes for your cake in an inspirational way that will give the miraculous appearance to the cake. In fact wedding cake is the most important item of a wedding that demands more concentration for the preparation as well as the decoration.

wedding cake themes

These ready-made cakes are too expensive and when you complete its garnishing it becomes more costly. In this way you have a great idea that is to prepare wedding cake yourself or say baker to prepare a big size cake of your favorite flavor. Bring it and embellish with many items and give a new and attractive look. If you have decided to prepare cake at home the beach themed wedding cakes are ideal because they do not require expensive decoration as well as take very little time for setting.

wedding cake themes 1

Focus on the design of the cake it must show the idea of your marriage or your wedding theme. Fish shaped cake is best to describe beach themed cake; you can also select the shape of other sea items too such as shell, waves etc. The garnishing of wedding cake will be in accordance of the theme, for sea item cake use shells for decoration. Small fish’s chocolates may also be used for the topping of cake.  Place fish shape candies on each floor of the cake. Water plants are ideal for the floral setting of cake like lily etc. But in case if water flowers are not available you can use other flowers too like magnolia flowers etc. Chocolate wedding theme is such a theme which will be the favorite of all your guests because chocolate is a common edible item of most of the person. Embellish wedding cake with chocolate biscuits or chocolate candy etc.

wedding cake themes 2

 Chocolate is present in many forms and you can select any form for the garnishing of the wedding cake. A best cake design improves the whole wedding features therefore give full attention for the wedding colors and the attire of bride. Cupcakes are the latest idea which is getting too much popularity for the wedding event instead of a wedding cake. You can decorate the venue by a fake cake made up of cardboard; your guests will definitely enjoy this new idea of wedding cake themes.

wedding cake themes 3

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