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Wedding invitations theme generally depends on the overall theme that you have chosen for the wedding. It would not make any sense if you were planning a peacock themed wedding but end up distributing invitations with cowboy boots or hats. So first of all settle on the theme in general and then decide on the best way to describe that theme on an invitation card.

The wedding invites can be written with different types of ink and lettering styles. For the best finish, use 2 different lettering styles; one to highlight your names and the other for the rest of the words. A wedding invitations theme that is based on the Halloween is probably the best in terms of creativity. Not many couples will decide to go with this but there are those that love to do things out of the ordinary and hence this becomes a good option for them. Orange and black are the common colors that are used to design and write on these cards. Once the intended person receives it, he/she should be able to relate to the idea that you are putting across. Go for designs that incorporate the famous Frankenstein couple, orange pumpkin, or black owls sitting on a tree branch in front of a white colored moon is also a brilliant idea.

Beach wedding invitations are common now days but still you do not have to stick to the usual designs of palm trees and sea shells background. Create your wedding invitations theme from another angle such as two joined anchors, two beach chairs, and a love heart symbol drawn on the sandy beach. To add a more personalized feeling, have a snap short picture of you and your spouse all smiles included in the design.

Every couple always hopes for a happy ending, not just during that day but till death do them part. This is the reason why some of them favor fairy tale themes to other types of wedding themes. Some of the features to have for this kind of invites are the magic carriage, a fairy god mother with her wand or prince charming (groom) on his knees trying to fit Cinderella (bride) with the glass slipper. If you have to, you can organize a trip to Disney world to get some more inspiration on the same.

The most important point to remember is to base your designs according to the main theme of the wedding.

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