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Camouflage Wedding Theme (Camo all the Way)

Excitement all around with the all important day of your life and within this wonderful feelings of love and romance, you may love to stage your on Camouflage wedding theme. You may not like to make it a heavily camouflaged décor, atmosphere and dresses, but can go for some bits and pieces of the same. Just imagine the camouflaged drapes and upholstery, along with guest tables covered with the white linen and table top can be completely camouflaged. In the decorations, for Camouflaged wedding theme, the camouflaged accents can be put in as the interior decorations so that it does not look overdo. A lot of decoration material may be bought from the market such as camouflage roses, garters, pillows, pens, pew bows, bouquets, rice bags, chair ties etc. Wood may be an option to use as décor, though you might have to spend some time to sand it down and then coat it. Also, you can check for anything with moss and green, which is considered as camouflage. For themed wedding centerpieces, you may like to go for fake sunflowers tied with brown and green ribbons. You can go for deer antlers, if available within family or friends. Camouflaged wedding theme will need wedding dress for the couple, which may have the camouflage effect too. Bride may go for the camouflaged accent with only ivory and lace dress with just the garter as camouflage. Full camouflaged gown also may be an option to go for if the bridegroom is not overdoing. Bridegroom may go for tuxedo vests and hunter’s orange ties. You may like to go for military camouflaged formal dress. Bridesmaids may go for clover green and maid of honor may wear brown, making colors of camouflage.  The kids in the family may also wear camouflage accent to add to the theme.  The wedding cake may also have the camouflaged effect if the cake has the toppings of chocolate and green colors. Cake top may also be garnished with edible deer antlers, beautifully shaped and presented. Food carvings can be used on the buffet table to give a camouflage effect to the food dishes as well. Pumpkin may be the best option to go for this kind of carvings by the experts in the food industry or even the caterers may have one their team too.

 The invitation cards may have a camouflaged backdrop with the program written in white. Military camouflage can be an option too and may attract the guests and make them aware of the things to happen in the wedding. 

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