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Bringing Smiles This April with Amazingly Funny April Fools Day Jokes This Year

What year can ever be completed if you have not had the chance to spend a day fooling around with people all day? 1st April is the day when you get a chance to celebrate the happiness of playing tricks on others which is all done in good humor.

It is good that you get a chance to spice up the same boring routine of your regular day life with hilarious tricks and pranks by simply using some really funny April fools day jokes on your friends or your family members.  If your roommate is a cheater person then buy around 10 to 25 packets of chips and scatter it all around your room or on their bed and wait till they get home and enjoy this view.  Stay at home mothers can play this sweet little tricks on their kids by putting some food color in the milk carton over night and when the kids pour milk next morning on the breakfast table, the colorful milk is sure to cheer up your morning with colorful laughter. Same this way many other great April fools jokes can be used to pump up the spirit of this funny yet naughty day.

With the passage of time many new funny April fools jokes have been created but still today some old classic pranks are winner. The woo pie bag, placing the horn behind the door knob and tricks like putting fake bugs on someone’s bag or drawers are still the ones, that are easy to try and also  which gives the most funny results afterwards. Some people take this day quite seriously and actually make their friends a victim of their funny yet really irritating pranks. Removing the toilet paper and replacing it with an empty roll with the last piece tissue paper with an “April fools” written on it is still a winner. Some people like to celebrate this day more on a public level.  Stick a coin with glue on the pavement and see how many people actually try to bend down and pick it up.

No matter how innovative and funny April fools day jokes you are planning to try but to make sure about one thing that it does not hurt someone or make someone upset. April fools ideas are about making people happy not sad. Knot your limits and to what extend you can go but still don’t let the fun part get wasted.

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