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Bring the Change with Blue Wedding Themes

White color has always been the problem with brides because they are drastically bored of this color, brides need something different to wear. They all look same in whites, at most what they think to do is going for the substitutes of white color i.e. off white, cream, snow or vanilla, how about trying something entirely new and different this time? Let’s go with the flow and opt for something entirely different and extremely amazing like blue wedding themes. Surprised right! Why not to be the first one to leave that old fashioned white color and get to something hot and new in market like blues.

blue wedding themes

Blues refer to many things, if you are getting married in summer so this is the best color you can go for because blues portray the open sky, fresh water and cold ice. Blue conveys all the messages of happiness, madness, freshness and brilliance and just imagine if you are the first one to select this hot new trend for your marriage, you are going to leave your friends astounding at your wedding day and then your wedding will be the one everyone would be talking about. What else do you really want?

blue wedding themes 1

About the Tiffany blue wedding themes, how this really works? In my imagination in summers especially it works better than even whites, because blue is the color of water and even of the open sky. Blue sets you free to fly and facilitate you to pick your own favorite turn, but only in-case if you are daring enough to be the first one to take this turn. In my imaginations blue wedding and a blue bride is more beautiful than any other color, for me the blue bride speaks about confidence and challenges all the things that could come to her way, she speaks about the girlish power she has which makes her equally powerful as anyone else. Colors speak so the blue does, but guess what blue speaks what white couldn’t.

blue wedding themes 2

Blue is now not bounded till imaginations only, wedding is your day, you are in charge of it and you can select it for you if you want to covey all those positive and powerful messages that blue conveys. Let blue speak for you, don’t be the one who sits at the back seat and watches other initiate the trend or pick on the latest thing, this is your time so be confident, be blue.

blue wedding themes 3

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