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Brilliant Ideas for Your Couples Wedding Shower Themes

Couples wedding shower theme  is a new trend and it has replaced the old bridal showers as now a days, grooms are interested in their weddings as much as brides. It would be only fair that this event is not kept for “girls only”, and the guys are invited too. However, if you are planning for a both gender wedding shower, you should make sure that your girl-friends know that it is not a “girl only” affair and you won’t have much time for the girls-talk.

couples wedding shower themes

To make your wedding shower more fun-filled and joyful, pay a little more time and attention for arranging this party, as it would greatly cut the tension and fright mustering up for the big day. Don’t let your guests get bored, be creative and create random themes from your everyday life. Choosing themes for your party would help you make sure that all of your guests who attended this party enjoyed their time with you and are looking forward to attend your bid day.

couples wedding shower themes 1

 If you are a barbeque lover, you can choose this as your party theme, but don’t forget to tell your friends about the themes, so that they come prepared. You can enjoy the cooking period, and then the eventual feasting on the spicy chicken, baked potatoes and the delicious drinks. In case you are attending a barbeque themed wedding shower of your friend, you can take along sauce, drinks and juices. If you want your friends to bring something similar for you, ring them up and feel free to give them a hint! Also, you can plan some games which you would like to play on this party. Men would like the tougher games like volleyball but the girls can go for games involving more sitting and talking.

couples wedding shower themes 2

Some other ideas for your couples wedding shower themes  would be “at the campsite”. Now that it is named so, it doesn’t really mean that you have to arrange this party at the campsite. Choose such location and date for your party so that maximum friends can turn up at it. It can be anywhere, at a park, in your house or in your backyard. Bring together a few food items to serve your guests like baked beans, veggies, and potatoes. Cook some meat for your friends, if you know they would enjoy it. If your friend is holding such party, it would be appreciated if you gift them things related to it, like chairs, coolers, first aid kit, and picnic basket. Also, you can go for stock-the-bar shower, outdoors and swimming. So, plan to spend some fun-filled time with your family and friends.

couples wedding shower themes 3

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