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Brighten Your Wedding Day with Trendy Vibrant Mexican Wedding Theme Ideas

Are you bored with all the common dull wedding themes? Do you want your wedding to be a lot fun and filled with bold colors? Do you want your wedding to be as colorful as your life? Then trust me, the Mexican wedding theme is the one for you that can fulfill all your funky ideas for a vibrant wedding.

The Mexican wedding theme is all about colors and combinations selected by the bride and the groom. The main purpose of the Mexican wedding theme is to fill the colors in the wedding as well as remembering the Mexican traditions. The Mexican wedding theme ideas basically comprise of all the bold colored decorations, invitation cards, fun-filled music, lots of colorful flowers and delicious Mexican food all combined in a manner to make to look funky with contrasts.

So, if you got the mindset for a setup, there are many things one can opt for Mexican wedding theme ideas, then you can now add numerous funky ideas for the theme. Like you can now go to your favorite vibrant color that can be worn by the bridesmaids and groomsmen who can either be multi-colored (as the Mexican tradition) or any color chosen by you.

Then comes the decoration, well it has to be of all the beautiful colors combined in a manner that it enlightens the place with vibrant touch. The decoration has to be pure Mexican, the colorful buntings hanging on the ceilings and the walls of the venue. Along with the buntings the ceiling has to have the hanging colorful ceiling décor. The decoration also includes the display pieces that have to be vibrant as Mexican style. And the guest’s tables must have vibrant colored table linens and table cloths along with colorful bouquets in a classy vase in the middle of the table. And some Mexican décor items, candles displayed on the sideways, and yes!

The floral décor is a must for the Mexican themed wedding. The food must be Mexican means it must be incorporated with lots of vibrant colors but it’s not a must that’s why you can go with the traditional Mexican food which is mostly spicy rice, chicken and beef or it can be any of your choice.

Now comes your part, yes the bride and groom attire. Well even in Mexican theme you don’t have to go with the vibrant colors you can follow the simple bride and groom attire the long white gown and the groom can wear the usual tuxedos  of any color or whatever you like to wear after all its your day.  But thou it’s not a must so you can add the funkiness in the theme by choosing to wear a Flamenco gown with ruffle and a vibrant colored tuxedo or the traditional Mexican dress-code it’s all up to you.

Last but not the least the best part of the Mexican wedding theme ides is that the funkiness is in the air. The wedding music is purely Mexican and the after-wedding dance has to have the traditional Mexican salsa dance to sum-up the wedding in Mexican style.

So now you can choose these Mexican wedding theme ideas to make your special day totally Mexican and completely vibrant.

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