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Brighten Your Wedding Day With A Spring Wedding Theme


Often considered as a time of renewal and rebirth, spring can also be the perfect time to start your new venture. Though stands behind at third place in terms of popularity for marriage time, spring can be a colorful and different theme for your wedding. Spring wedding theme can not only be attractive, it can be colorful and unique in many ways. You can also choose for a colored theme to match the spring wedding theme, and make it look and feel more special. More importantly you can have a variety of time schedules to choose from when you are planning a spring wedding theme. If you like crocuses poking from the snow, you are in for an early spring wedding theme. It can also mean a lot of floral abundance in the offing, and also some warmth from the cold. In the later part of spring you can enjoy the bright sunshine which would suit some bright colors as well as light clothes.

Choosing the right wedding dress for a spring wedding theme can be tricky. The best way is to choose a skirt that is not too heavy nor too light. It is best to choose a versatile dress. Also check if the dress can be paired with a wrap or not. The wrap can be light and airy but keep you warm in case you feel chilly. For a spring wedding theme it is usually good or stylish to use hints of colors in your dress. Light colorful embroidery or touches of light colors complimenting white, or even a colored sash can accentuate the look. You can also choose an all over baby pink or hint of ping dress for the spring theme wedding.

For the bride’s maid or the groomsmen, carefully design or choose dresses that will be comfortable and stylish for them. It is also important that the dresses and accessories for one and all should be in tune with the spring wedding theme and decided color pattern. Using pastel shades for decoration as well as for dressing can be bright and colorful without being too bright. The food also needs some consideration. Make sure that the menu has lots of fresh and young vegetables and design them to have a colorful food table. Use wild flowers and other spring surprises for decorating the tables. Also use well thought of wedding invitations and favors to accentuate your spring wedding theme. The most colorful and eye catching thing in a spring wedding theme can be the flower bouquet. Make it as colorful using the combination of vibrant colors as much as you can in your spring wedding theme.

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