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The pace for bridesmaid dresses 2013 has already been set and the trends have be established. So if you are planning to get hitched this year of jubilee, then here are some dazzling tips to fashion your maids. Gone are the days when a bride’s maids would wear one colored dresses. Mono chrome out, in comes Color blocking. This craze can come in two distinct ways. The first is where each of the maids has a different shade of the same color. Pink, blue, purple, brown  are some of the colors that have more than one shade hence are very effective to making this trend work out at your wedding. Have a little bit of deep, light and medium shades for instance burgundy, rose pink and baby pink are good complements for color pink. The other style is to have the bodice and the skirt of the dresses made in contrasting colors. For instance the chest area of a floor length chiffon dress could be white and the skirt a deeper green color. Another idea is to incorporate a yellow bodice with a blue skirt.  The hush-hush to making this trend great for your wedding is to blend in the colors perfectly. You can also decide to have the dresses in blue color then accessorize with yellow embellishments including shoes. These kinds of bridesmaid dresses 2013 are the ultimate choice for a color themed wedding. Lace fabric has been used since the classical era but it was mainly reserved for the bridal gowns. Players of the game have advanced to higher levels by designing bridesmaid dresses 2013 with lace. Even so, the most of such dresses are not all lace. As in, the lace has only been added to the dresses especially at the bodice part. What’s more is that the lace is now available in several colors and not just the conventional white or ivory. Do not be surprised to see a bride’s maid dressed in a red dress with a black lace bodice. And now I present to you the color of the year; emerald green. This bright green also known as pea green is not only perfect for a garden wedding but also for any outdoors ceremony.  The maids can carry an arrangement of red roses or orange flowers to finish up the look.  For your wedding this year, utilize dazzling color schemes.

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