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Bridal Classroom Super Stars’ Sexy, Elegant and Gorgeous Gowns

Super stars always have been always leading the trend of fashion. When stepping on the red carpet, in the focus of flashlight, there is no doubt they are the best of the best. Different stars have different styles. They are sexy, elegant, gorgeous… so the gowns they are in must be unique and fit their styles. As to brides, when choosing a gown for their big day, the feeling is same like the stars stepping on the red carpet. So brides have a lot of things to learn from super stars. Now we open a bridal classroom and share the super stars’ experience to all the brides. We hope it may help brides choose a perfect wedding gown.

At first, five super stars’ sexy gowns are being presenting.


Lea Michele in Atelier Versace

She looks so young when wearing a light long grey herve leger gown. This gown completely shows her sexy shape. Elegant light grey is graceful and restrained. This gown shows her slender beautiful legs, it is a perfect match with the same color scheme exquisite Accessories.


Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

Nude beads cover her whole body delicately. A thin ribbon nearly can’t be seen and the perfect hollow-out design make the gown completely fit her body. She looks like a mermaid in deep sea who shining irresistible sexy light.


Jennifer Aniston in Burberry

She rarely shows her sexy style. But this time she chooses a simple and vintage fit long white gown. The rolling design presents her perfect shape. Herve leger gown shows her beautiful legs. The straight long hair brings her back fresh feelings from sexy atmosphere. The idea is excellent.


Penelope Cruz

Romantically bulging nice shape is in a long pink vintage fit gown. Plump breasts and beautiful leg come together. Arms and tummy hide in wrinkle fabric, long straight hair put to left side. She looks sexy and relaxed. But we have to say she is still hot.


Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello

The cleverest point of a woman is to zoom in her advantages to maximize. As a super model, she uses her long hair and white ribbon to make her body breathtaking. With center parting golden curly hair and natural queen’s temperament, she is sexy like a goddess.

Second, Super stars’ elegant gowns.


Anne Hathaway in Prabal Gurung

Cute short hair, a long white gown which is not too loose or too tight, standing there quietly, it seems like saint light shining on her back. She is so beautiful that you dare not to get close to her and your eyes are not willing to leave her.


Naomi Watts in Marchesa

Nude pink feathers cover her upper body. Misted layers light pink tulle is spread. Elegant and classic updo promotes her aura easily. As if a fairy maiden comes from wonderland, she is unhurried, chillax and elegant.


Michelle Yeoh in Giorgio Armani

Matte sliver falls with her shape and shines charming and chillax light. Although she is not more beautiful than other stars, the elegant and unhurried character from a great deal of life she has seen can beat any other stars.


Du Juan in Elie Saab

She hides her devil build in tulle. The warm orange satisfies the guests’ eyes. She is calm and elegant with poetry. The same color scheme nails and lip bring her to the fashionable reality.


Yao Chen in Chanel

White umbrella shape short skirt comes with clean and delicate updo, exquisite handbag and high heel, every detail is perfect. She is not only fashionable, but also elegant and cute. We have to just say on word “beauty”.

Third, gorgeous super stars’ gowns.

The gorgeous moment on the red carpet needs perfect fit gown, jewelry, hair style, make-up, careful details… for satisfying the eyes from the whole world, all the super stars do everything they can to leave audiences a good impression on the red carpet. So in this bridal classroom, brides should study hard from these stars and have a most glaring image on your big days.


Bingbing Fan in Elie Saab

Nude tulle reflects the decorative patterns. Draggle-tail skirt hem and translucent tippet present her aura perfectly. In this gown, she looks more beautiful and powerful. She is the gorgeous NO.1.


Heidi Klum in Marchesa

Sliver beads create her vintage fit gown. The light is elegant. Tassels on her shoulder are swaying. Healthy skin color and beautiful shape, she looks perfect.


Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen

Golden decorative patterns on the black background present gorgeous Baroque amorous feelings. Fresh updo and clean make-up, she looks like a kind queen. Noble feeling and gorgeous feeling are all on her body.


Maika Monroe in Marchesa

She is so young. When facing this gown contains deep “V”, hollow-out and swaying feathers, she just makes a ponytail and a clean nude look. All of which present a fresh and natural image.


Lucy Alexis Liu in Atelier Versace

Perfect vintage fit sliver paillette long gown catch all the sight. She has a cute and petite shape. Coming with a long curly hair, she combines futurism with noble temperament perfectly. How beautiful she is.

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