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Bouquets, Accessories and Decoration for Wedding Beach Theme

Grand occasions like weddings are incomplete without a touch of lovely bouquets, unique accessory and extraordinary decorations at the place. We hereby present the unique ideas for creating bouquet, accessory and decoration for wedding beach theme. Pearls, flowers, and burlap you can include one and all to create beautiful settings at the place

  1. Sea Shell Bouquets:  Extremely attractive sea shell bouquets are a fine alternate to the traditional flower bouquets for beach wedding idea. Sea shells, starfish and feather accents all are mixed to create the sea shell bouquets. Sea shells are available at online store. If you are unable to find them online, than visit your nearby craft store and place the order. The other material that you would require to create this bouquet includes floral wire, floral tape, glue gun and glue sticks and pretty colorful ribbon. The design of bouquet in the picture below will inspire you on how to create one for yourself. However; making a sea shell bouquet is not the job of a single person, two together can accomplish this task very easily.
  2. Decors at the wedding:  The decors at the wedding beach theme should have a nice touch of seaside. Wedding chair can be tied with a burlap or bunting. The material which is required to make bunting includes fabric (woven or cotton), cutting mat, scissors, ruler, card stock template and bias tape. Starfish on the bunting can be drawn with the help of painting colors. Now that you know about the material for bunting, you can take inspiration to create one from the picture as below.
  3. Table centerpiece:  A combination of fresh flowers and sea shells can make a beautiful centerpiece for table. The table at the ceremony as well as photo booth area can be well decorated with the help of flowers and shells. The common material used to create the table garland includes oyster shells, plastic chain to make the base of garland, drill bits and fishing line. You can get an idea about the table centerpiece from the picture shown below. Apart from oyster garland, you can also design starfish garland for decoration.  
Oyster place tags, Oyster name tags,  wedding beach theme place cards are some of the other decoration ideas for the wedding beach themes. You can include any decoration material which transforms the wedding celebrations at beach side to an exciting seaside evening affair.    

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