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Bouncy and Erotic Baseball Wedding Theme

Sports are not just fun or related to victory sports could also be erotic, breathtaking and high where baseball is one of the most loved sports while baseball sport itself is a brand because college baseball players are heroes of their time who portray victory, boldness and fastness. There are people who love sports and want to indulge sports in every area of their life so why leave out wedding? If you cannot let go hold of sports and you are fan of baseball don’t worry because I have got many creative ideas which can help you in arranging your baseball wedding theme .

baseball wedding theme

How to go sporty on wedding is anyway a big and difficult question while I am here to answer all your worries about it by taking start with the color of your wedding which would be white and red. White and red is also the color of most commonly used baseball while you can use white more than red because white is used more in baseball sports instruments than red.

baseball wedding theme 1

You are a baseball bride but there is no way you can wear a sport uniform at your wedding day so I have got a perfect dress for you which goes with the theme and that dress is a pure white gown which is closed by red colored ribbons or laces at the back giving it a look of ball stitch resembling to baseball stitch. The groom and all other boys could wear sports shoes at the wedding while the flowers carried by the bride and the flower girls will be white colored arranged in a circular shape with a line of red flowers flowing between them giving it a ball like look.

baseball wedding theme 2

The baseball cake is again an issue to resolve and I would suggest you to make a simple fondant layered cake with bat, cap and ball placed on it for decorating it while the base of the cake will have red longitudinal linings flowing over white base of the cake giving it a perfect baseball look. Baseball wedding theme will have to look thematic and you can go all sporty just by managing the cake, decorations and dresses in accordance with the theme. At the end to give you a final baseball touch wear sandals which are designed with red braids over the white background and don’t forget to arrange a playing area for kids because kids getting bored in a baseball wedding will be disastrous.

baseball wedding theme 3

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