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Bold And Unique Orange Wedding Themes

Bright colors seem to the favorite colors for most couples today. Therefore, considering orange wedding themes is a good idea. However, like all other wedding themes, you need to properly plan for your orange wedding. Poor planning could lead to a number of bad decisions, which will not be good for a day that you are supposed to remember for the rest of your life. Most people have no problem choosing a color theme for their wedding, but many do have a problem with color combinations. It is not advisable to simply have brown at your wedding, since you might need to mix it up with various other colors. Therefore, the question here is what colors go with brown. Below are a few colors that you should consider incorporating into your orange wedding themes.

Orange, white and gray: This is an amazing combination of colors and would be perfect for orange wedding themes. The white will give the orange a neutral color to work with and would be perfect if incorporated in the clothes. For example, the men in the wedding party could wear white shirts and orange ties. Additionally, the bride could be in the traditional white gown with orange shoes; while the bridesmaids could be fully dressed in orange, with grey shoes. White and orange colors could also be reflected in the flowers and reception décor. For your cake, you should consider white with orange flowers.

Combination of orange themes along-with purple wedding theme: This will definitely have your guests talking. Purple and orange are both bright colors, so your wedding is bound to be vibrant and fun. For your reception, you could mix up these colors, having less purple and more orange. Your cake could also have aspects of both colors. Consider a white cake that has both purple and orange ribbons and flowers. Your bridesmaids could be dressed in purple and hold orange flowers or the other way round. The manner in which you mix up your colors will depend on which color you want to be more pronounced at the ceremony. A friend of mine was so much interested in Orange Wedding Themes that she decided to wear orange shoes with purple ribbons.

Different shades of orange: These too could work perfectly for your orange themed wedding. Different shades of orange will make it seem as if you have different color themes at your wedding and will ensure that there is no monotony.

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