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Blissfully Evil Red and Black Wedding Theme

Red and white is a good combination it reflects romantic valentine’s day i.e. a day full of love whereas red and black contrast is evil but evil in a very beautiful and blissful manner because it has the energy to impact the eyes passionately by combining the good and bad spirits where good spirit is red and bad spirit is black. The red and white contrast is just like vampire taking care of human and safeguarding him from all other evils whereas this essence makes the red and black wedding theme erotically romantic so if you believe in good and bad spirits and love to watch vampire series this is your wedding theme.

red and black wedding theme

Giving spiritual touch to your red and black wedding theme is so important because it is based on all the spiritual feelings however the most appealing contrast in Halloween is also red and black contrast but as this isn’t your Halloween wedding you can select a red wedding theme dress and then you can add in a bit of black as well. How about wearing a long elegant ball gown totally made with a silk fabric that shines amazingly in the lights? Whereas you can add black flowery designed see through sleeves and make it a back less gown.

red and black wedding theme 1

The flower girls can however illuminate their bodies by capturing them in a black matt colored gown and for getting the best ideas for the ladies of the evening look into black wedding theme dresses. Keep your reception dark and romantic and to manage it hang black and red lanterns on the roof where red lanterns will light the reception and black lanterns will facilitate the decorations. Put bright lights where necessary to make your reception romantically dark not depressive dark because getting it too dark will make your guests scare away with depressions.

red and black wedding theme 2

The use of red LED lights will be rather greater where you can place LED lights obtained in a mason jar and place it on each table while you can decorate the flower bouquets with these LED light strands and flower girls can use it as their accessory to give finishing to their dresses for giving them perfect thematic look. It is better if you use red flowers only in your wedding skipping the black ones because that gives a bad depressing look. You can have great fun with your cake and surprise your guests with two flavors in your one cake by making alternate layers of red velvet cake and a chocolate cake where red velvet will be topped by chocolate cream and chocolate will be topped by red cream.

red and black wedding theme 3

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