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Blend of Spring Clothes 2013 and 2014 with Shades of Gray

The most wearable spring clothes 2013 haven’t really left till now as you can see a lot of outfits from last year’s fashion trends, even today hanging in racks of some designer outlets. The mix printed outfits from last year still are on the go as you can see many ladies walking in printed shirts with printed leggings on the road. The blend is in a sense that not all fashion trends from 2013 have followed us but more like a glimpse of it in a more new look.

From the range of spring clothes 2013 the tights and jeans are still the choice of many ladies in the new era. The printed legging, from either some geometric pattern or even more like in a design of galaxy or a starry print is still the picks of girls to go with their tops and tunics.  The skirts on the other hand are one piece of spring clothing that will never be replaced no matter what year it goes. From knee length to miniskirts, the spring is the perfect time to show off your legs, as winter does not give you this chance and the hot summer sun might burn up skin.

The spring clothes 2013 had also some wonderful styles of spring wedding dresses that can be worn even this season. Spring wedding gowns should be more colorful and printed. A perfect pattern of floral design on a long sheath dress is like a celebrity wedding dress. If your choice is all about the classic Victorian wedding dresses then you do not need to go for bold printed gowns. You can even wear a peach net belt or a black shinny belt around your waist over your gorgeous bridal dress.

If you are going in a party and at the eleventh hour you run out of any new dresses and you see this pretty short dress with a lace bodice and a flare fluffy skirt from the last year spring dresses 2013 wardrobe then without even wasting a minute of thinking grab it and wear it together with a quick swap of accessories. This is the beauty of spring dresses for girls that they never go out of fashion. In fact fashion does not get old with time but it keeps on changing and every year it comes out in a more trendy way than before.

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